Borgogna Paninaro Calze (Short)


Borgogna Paninaro Calze are the final release in the 18/19 collection of fine Italian made hosiery!

The socks are made from Merino Wool by Massimiliano & Luca in Bergamo. They are the finest, most luxurious socks, and have been specially treated so, providing you follow the washing instructions, they won’t shrink in the wash!


S: 5-7 (UK)

M: 8-10 (UK)

L: 10-12 (UK)

The socks come in a Shorter length style or a Longer length style. The short go to the mid-calf, the long to below the knee.

There’s no one perfect sock size, no uniform sock sizing. These socks will fit most adult men and a lot of adult women, there is stretch within them. If you aren’t sure of your size please do drop us an email at


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