Internationale Socks


We’ve remade a new version of our Internatoonle Socks, celebrating the brave men and women of the International Brigades who went to fight for democracy and against fascism in the Spanish Civil War. The socks are wool, perfect and warm for this type of year, and are in the colours of the flag of the Spanish Republic.

We have donated part of the profit from these socks to the wonderful people at Hope Not Hate to support the work they do.

Each pair of Internationale Socks comes with stickers and button badge as standard.

The socks are half hose, coming to the mid calf and are available in two sizes:

Small – UK 4 to 7

Large – UK 8 to 11

Made in the UK from cotton and nylon. These socks will keep you both warm and on the right side of history this winter!




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