Manchester Bee Socks – Restock


Our Manchester Bee Socks have come together through our work with our friends at Corgi hosiery. We all watched in horror the events in Manchester, and subsequently London, and wanted to do something positive to help those affected, so we did what we do best, make these great socks!

We are donating £3 per pair from this restock of the socks direct to the family we supported with the profit from the first run. We’ve discussed it with the friends organising charitable support. The money goes directly to them and efforts to support their ongoing recovery.

The socks were made from cotton in Wales with hand-linked heel and toe, they’re top quality! They are 75 per cent cotton and 25 per cent nylon. They will come to the mid-calf, those shown here are the Small size.

The socks come with Sock Council stickers.

The socks are half hose and will go to the mid-calf.

The socks are available in two sizes:

Small – UK 4 to 7

Large – UK 8 to 11