Metro Socks (Yellow)


We decided to make Metro Socks in tribute to the classic livery of the Tyne and Wear PTE, the people who ran the bus and metro system across Tyneside and Wearside. Established in 1968 the Passenger Transport Executives ran public transport across different regions and cities, providing unique colour combinations and designs synonymous with their location, their towns and cities that people could identify with.

Everything these days is so homogenous, we wanted to offer a link to he past when places had unique identities.

The T&W PTE saw the development of the Metro system that opened in 1980. The Metro was the heir to the Tyneside Electrics railway system, one of the earliest suburban electric systems in the world that was established in 1904. The North East has a proud history of being a world leader in engineering, in innovation, Joseph Swan and his invention of the electric lightbulb, George Stephenson and the train, so we’re celebrating all of that!

Each pair comes with stickers and button badge.


The socks are available in one size fits most.

Made in the UK from cotton.



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