Paninaro Calze – Porpora (Short)


Our second release of the 2018/19 Paninaro Collection are these stunning Porpora Calze. Porpora is the Italian word for purple, which these socks certainly are. They come with a burgundy and red check with pink cross check. The socks are made from fine Merino Wool by our friends Massimiliano and Luca in Bergamo, these fellas make socks for some of the world’s most luxurious fashion brands.

You can read more about the Italian youth movement that still inspires us today here. Socks were an integral part of the dress of the Paninaro kids, to this we pay homage.

This is the shorter of the lengths of sock available, the Italians wear their socks traditionally long. These socks will come to your mid-calf, so you’ll never be flashing your leg to the world, a no-no in Italy! The socks are reinforced with nylon to make sure they fit perfectly and have been specially treated so they will not shrink in the wash, providing of course you follow the washing instructions that come with them.

Each pair of socks comes with exclusive artwork from Turin based artist Mattia Egitto, on packaging, stickers and a button badge as standard.


S: 5-7 (UK)

M: 8-10 (UK)

L: 10-12 (UK)

There’s no one perfect sock size, no uniform sock sizing. These socks will fit most adult men and a lot of adult women, there is stretch within them. If you aren’t sure of your size please do drop us an email at


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