Paninaro T-Shirt (Gold)


Our Paninaro T-Shirts are a part of our annual collection paying homage to all things Italian and specifically the youth culture of 1980s Italy that started in sandwich bars! Brands such as Chipie, Henri Lloyd, Armani and Stone Island were synonymous with this movement, immortalised forever by the Pet Shop Boys’ “Paninaro” hit record. Socks were a big part of the Paninaro outfit, with Timebrland boots as an accompaniment, and it was that that motivates us to pay tribute with this collection.

The t-shirts are premium cotton, with artwork designed exclusively for us in Italy by our mate Mattia Egitto of Torino!


S 34/36″

M 38/40″

M 38/40″

L  42/44″

XL 46/48″

2XL 50/52″

Please note sizing is provided as a guidance and there can be some slight variation in measurements as there are with jeans and shirts across brands. If you have any questions please email us at


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