SOC03 are our latest musically inspired socks. This time we are looking back at one of the great music festivals, 1991’s Cities In The Park. The festival was a celebration of the life of Martin Hannett who had sadly passed away earlier that year, it was Manchester’s first live music festival of it’s kind and undoubtedly inspired later events, although it was never to be surpassed! The Saturday and Sunday featured an all star line up of the very best of Manchester Music, with a few guests from elsewhere. Sadly the festival was one of the last acts of Factory Records, happily there is footage of the event you can watch here!

The socks were made from cotton in Wales with hand-linked heel and toe, they’re top quality! They are 75 per cent cotton and 25 per cent nylon. They will come to the mid-calf, those shown here are the Large size. Each pair come with Sock Council stickers and button badge.