Pub Carpets Of The World Socks – The Free Trade Inn


These socks are so popular every year we have decided to go ahead and make some more, only in a new style.

The Free Trade Inn socks are all sorts of a bit or beige, with green, blues and navy. They are the socks that represent the carpet I imagine one of my favourite pubs would have, if it had a carpet. I myself will be wearing these socks to Free Trade to drink many pints, a cracking excuse to name socks after this bar!

The socks feature stunning artwork from our friend Sean Collins, each pair of the socks comes with the artwork not only on the socks but on stickers and a button badge too. You can also buy the t-shirt from the series here!


Small 4-7 (UK)
Large 8-11 (UK)

The socks were made from cotton for us in the UK. They will come to the mid-calf.



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