Thomas Socks


Thomas Socks are inspired by the greatest finale to a football season hew English top flight has ever seen. Man City and Sergio Aguero were impressive, however nothing tops the end of the 1989 season when Liverpool v Arsenal essentially became a final to see where the title went. The famous commentary, “It’s up for grabs now”, from Brian Moore as Michael Thomas ran through the Liverpool defence to score the title winning goal is still fresh int he memories of Gooners and football fans alike! A last minute winner to overtake your opponents to win the league ont he last day, we’ll never see anything like it again surely!

We also have a range of Arsenal headgear and badges at sister site Football Bobbles!

The socks are made from 80% cotton, 19% polyamide and 1% elastine in Portugal..
Every order comes with Sock Council stickers and postcard
The socks are one size fits most, roughly…

Large 6 to 11

The socks are half hose and will go to the mid-calf.


In stock

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