A Tribute to the Sock Models

Friday 17 April at 7pm sees the launch of our latest socks. These fine examples of quality British hosiery are a tribute to two fine examples, our Sock Models, BAT (Boy About Town) and The Baron.

Two finer gentlemen you will not meet. Sure, they have their moments, the coffee thrown at the make up artists, the tantrums and tears, but what creative, artistic souls don’t? You have to take the rough with the smooth when it comes to harnessing great talent, look at recent goings on at the BBC, a storm in a teacup, believe me!

In reality, these two are fantastic friends, very supportive of the BSFC, always available to help and great mate, this is a little gesture to say thank you.

These socks are 85% cotton and 15% nylon. The socks are one size fits most, with a 7 to 11 best fit.

The Menace socks are named after @BaronWestoe. Strong colours, red and black, these socks are strong, dependable, yet have a soft side not obvious to all.

Boy About Town (BAT) socks are named after @JC7and3. A more subtle, gentle, some might say sensitive blue and pink. Still strong, dependable, work well, and a bit flash.

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