For today’s Monday tune I offer “All The Love Of The Universe” by Santana. From their 4th studio album released in 1972 Caravanserai. I’m in no way musically talented, can’t play a note, but I’ve never understood Santana’s detractors when it comes to his guitar playing ( Frank Zappa had a real issue with him apparently ). I can’t argue the technicalities of it obviously, but it always sounded fantastic to me. He always seemed to play with real emotion and I’ve no doubt he was massively influential ( If Prince isn’t a fan I’ll eat my own 6″ purple high heels ) Anyways back to the music, Santana’s playing aside just listen to the rhythm section, Michael Shrieve on drums and Douglas Rach on bass ( His first album with the group ) absolutely amazing ! Like the song say “Everybody needs a helping hand” it’s nice to be nice. Have a good week brothers and sisters, enjoy !

You can listen to a back catalogue of Ally’s mixes here, I recommend you do!

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