Beat the Tuesday Blues

This track is one of the reasons I love hip hop. The humour, wordplay and subject matter of it just address issues you don’t really get in other genres of music. Although ‘Keeping it real’ is a well worn phrase in hip hop, there are lots of MCs out there that still use ghost writers for their lyrics. Ghostwriter sees Skillz naming and shaming these artists on the mic, but their names have been bleeped out on the original. For legal reasons, no doubt. For me this just adds to Ghostwriters mystique, as even though it is well over a decade since it’s release, there are still only a number of the names that have been worked out from videos of his live shows, where he pulls no punches. I’ll include both the original and the live track for you here. Some of the names are wont come as a shock to you though. Unfortunately Skillz has retired from recording albums and just tends to MC for Jazzy Jeff and do his yearly rap up tune these days. Fingers crossed this is only temporary, as the man is one of the best.

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