Euro Sock Council 16 – First Release!

The first of our Euro Sock Council 16 sock collection is released tonight at 7pm, the Wales Home Socks!

We’ve made some fantastic tributes to the countries, and in particular the supporters, of sides involved in the summer’s football competition in France.

Each pair of socks comes with exclusive artwork from Marcus Reed in sticker and button badge form, it’s a highly collectable set that we will be adding t-shirts and postcard packs to very shortly!

So don’t miss out on the first release tonight, Wales Socks made with Spirit of Wales 58, match going Welsh football fans who having seen plenty of lean years now have a fantastic summer to look forward to, we wish them well!

The socks are made from 100 per cent cotton so they’ll be nice and light for the summer! They were made in the UK. Available exclusively from at 7pm on 18 March 2016.

Please note: These socks will be priced at

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