Letters from Brazil: Over and Out

I’m sat at home watching Ghana v Germany. Enjoying a free flowing game of attacking football. Jane asleep on the sofa, the kids playing upstairs. I’ve a drink in hand. Everything is back to normal. The World Cup for me and England is over. At least I lasted longer than England! We travelled very early back to Sao Paulo for Uruguay v England. If I’m honest I wasn’t that excited about it being England. I had enjoyed the World Cup in all its glory with nations I would never expect to mix with. However, on game day, my attitude changed. We arrived into a cold, damp, grey, windy day -perfect for England. The mood was set for the day. We arrived at our hotel and couldn’t check into our room. Several other England fans had the same problem. So it was the clothes I arrived in and off to the ground nice and early. The Peter Storm cagoule was even getting its first outing of the trip.



Street art en route to the Corinithians stadium, Sao Paulo

We met a few other England on the way to the ground but numbers where few. Again I was offered

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