Paninaro Azure Calze Release

Our latest release of Italian Socks comes in the form of these beautiful blue and grey argyle socks. As with all of our Paninaro range they are made in Italy, in Bergamo to be exact! They come with the superb artwork of Mattia Egitto, a Turin based artist, and as such they’re as Italian as Massimo Osti jackets and Pizza!

The socks are made from Pima Cotton and are available in two different lengths, the Longer come up to just below the knee, the Shorter to mid calf. They’re both still longer socks as is the preferred style in Italy, they’re proper!

We have limited numbers of these so don’t miss out, released at 7pm on Friday 27 Jan 2017.

You can read more about he Paninaro youth culture of Italy that inspires us here.

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