The Fisherman’s Socks

We’ve come together with he lovely people at Harvest From The Deep Magazine to produce these ace Fisherman’s Socks. Our friend Dean, pictured, is a North Sea Fisherman and both HFTD and ourselves wanted to produce socks that celebrate the hard working people of Britain’s Fishing Fleet!

A percentage of the profit from these socks is going to be donated to the Fisherman’s Mission, the organisation that supports Fishermen and their families in the UK. Fishing is a tough, tough industry and they do amazing work looking after the welfare of the fishing community.

The socks have a Breton feel, this is the first pair of two to be released, and are made from 70 per cent wool and 30 per cent nylon, so they will keep your feet warm at sea or on shore, and they will fit most feet (UK 7 to 11). They’re navy (no pin intended) blue and white.

The socks are released on Friday 11 March, 2016, at 7pm and come with our exclusive artwork in sticker form!

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