What The BSFC Means To Me

By: Debbie S (@sweetpud1965 on Twitter)

I’m a girl – I love beer, football, trainers, comfortable shoes (with toe shaped toes), cats, my man & socks. I don’t own a skirt, or a dress, there are no heels in my wardrobe. Lots of other girls don’t ‘get’ me, I get all manner of comments on the rare occasions I go out ‘on the town’ – not from my friends, they know me, but from random people who think they have to right to sneer at my attire. Well love its called being an individual, an individual who is not interested in dressing like a ‘lady of the night’ so off you totter. Then along came the BSFC, no one judged, no one sneered, no one bitched – people liked my sock/shoe combo photos, had a laugh & a joke. Complete strangers saying ‘good on ya’ and wait, yes, there were other girls who liked what I liked! So feeling brave me & Mr Pud (bless him) hoofed it to Colliers Wood to meet some of these people – what a bunch of fine folk & what a fantastic night it was. So what does the BSFC mean to me? Answer – a bloody hell of a lot.


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